December 2017  
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Camp Manager Job Description




A. The Camp Manager shall be employed by the Camp Board of Fellowship Baptist Association under the authority of the Executive Board of Fellowship Baptist Association.

B. Employment may be terminated by notice of the Camp Board or by the Camp Manager.

C. Salary and benefits shall be paid as stated in the budget (reviewed annually).


A. The Camp Manager must be a born again Christian, adhering to the Baptist Faith and Message of the Southern Baptist Convention, and shall be a member of, and in regular attendance of, a church in the Fellowship Baptist Association.

B. Must live on the campgrounds in the house provided.

C. Must have good health and be of sound mind. Must be able to perform all duties and lift a minimum of 75 pounds.

D. Must be "on duty" 24/7 during the camping season.

E. Camp Manager and all members of the household over the age of 18 must have a background check.

F. Vacation time to be used during the "off season" unless there may be unforseen circumstances. Vacation will be given in accordance with the schedule approved by the Camp Board. Generally; after one year – one week vacation time, after three years – two weeks, after four years – three weeks.

G. Will work with and through the Director of Missions. Camp Manager is directly responsible to the Director of Missions.


A. Expected to keep up buildings and grounds of the camp. Do routine inspections of all camp buildings and equipment. Should maintain preventive maintenance on equipment and machinery. Shall keep a maintenance log of work completed on machinery.

B. Dorms shall be cleaned, prepped and ready for the next camp at the end of each camp.

C. Make all necessary repairs to buildings and equipment as experienced and qualified. Should have a "general working knowledge" of heating, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, and engine repair. When the scope of repair exceeds capabilities, professional "crews" may be called.

D. Keep grass cut. Keep mowers serviced and ready for use.

E. Understand the safe/efficient operation of equipment, machinery, tools, etc.

F. Responsible for the upkeep of pool. Chemicals balanced, flushed, etc.

G. Maintain and supervise volunteers. Only persons approved by the Camp Manager and the DOM will operate equipment.

H. Must keep supplies on hand such as oil, filters, etc to maintain equipment. Must keep adequate supply of gas and diesel for equipment.

I. Camp Manager and household must be familiar with and willing to abide by the general camp rules.

J. Work with the Director of Missions in recruiting camps and retreats, locating resources, working with fundraising opportunities.

K. Responsible (with the help of the DOM) in securing and overseeing kitchen help, lifeguards, and nurse for FBA camping weeks.

And as always...all guidelines are subject to change...