As we interpret our part of the Great Commission, Associational mission ministries fall into seven areas: 1) Associational missions involves us in needs that are close to home and give a real sense of ownership in mission work in our part or Missouri.  This includes, but is not limited to, assisting churches in a local mission project/endeavor.  2) State Fair Ministry where we have a part in reaching thousands with the Gospel during the Missouri State Fair. 3) On Mission Celebration (formerly known as World Mission Conference) where our congregations become personally acquainted with SBC missionaries and establish ongoing relationships with missionaries.

4) Mission Trips, whereby we enlist, train and send young people and adult volunteers on a mission trip to get hands on experience by participating in a mission endeavor outside our association.  5) Missions Link up, whereby we establish a specific ongoing relationship with NAMB and IMB teams with a view of initiating hands on involvement.  6) Assist, at invitation and as needed, any missions training for one or more of our local churches.  7) Provide financial assistance to our local churches/individuals with mission endeavors through the Mission Club.



Our Evangelism and Outreach Ministries include: Associational Evangelism Conferences; we offer training in evangelism in our churches; we are also able to offer limited evangelistic support (Bibles, resources, materials, etc) as needed in our churches.



Our Church Development Ministries include Brotherhood and Women's Ministries, which provide missions education and training for people of all ages in our churches; Stewardship Ministry which provides information and training in areas of Christian money management and other areas of stewardship; and Music Ministry which provides information, training and special events regarding music for our churches. 



Our Christian Education Ministries include Sunday School and Vacation Bible School promotion and training.  This involves securing promotional materials and making training available to volunteers.  In the area of Discipleship Training we inform churches of available resources and encourage churches to find ways to involve Christians in events and activities designed to enhance their spiritual growth.  Seminary Extension classes which provide opportunities for anybody in the association to pursue deeper studies of the Bible and various spiritual subjects.



Our Youth ministries endeavor to reach out to the youth and youth workers.  Our youth ministry endeavors to support our churches' efforts to reach unchurched students with the Gospel as well as ministry within the student population of our churches.  Baptist Ridge Camp (our resident camp -- see information under the BRC dropdown box) offer Children and Youth Camps.



The Director or Missions provides responsible leadership in the work of the association through performing such basic functions as the planning, correlation and implementation of programs, program services and ministries of the association; counsel to churches as requested; preaching as requested by pastors and churches; assisting with ordination services; pastor search committee training; interpretation of information; ministry with pastors (including mentoring of first-time pastors), and good public relations. He also represents the association to the Missouri Baptist Convention and the Southern Baptist Convention.