1.         All activities conducted at the camp must have adult supervision.

2.         All persons participating in activities will he expected to conduct themselves with Christian morals and deportment.

3.         All breakage or damage is to be paid for by the group that is using the Camp.

4.         The possession or use of intoxicating beverages, drugs or tobacco will not be permitted. No fireworks will be permitted on the camp ground at any time.

5.         Hunting on the grounds is strictly prohibited.

6.         The posted speed limit must be observed on camp grounds.

7.         Driving on the lawn (inner circle of the grounds) is strictly prohibited.

8.         Any infraction of the rules and regulations may forfeit the rights and privileges of the camp to persons committing such infractions at the discretion of camp directors or the Camp Board.


           We ask that any food you bring have your name on it. Other wise it may be used or disposed of. The cooks can not be responsible for food or drinks not labeled. 

            We ask that you please do not move the pews in the chapel. Also, please do not use any tape, tacks, nails, etc. on the woodwork. Damage to the furnishings or walls will result in loss of damage deposit. You may use painter's tape (furnished by office) to hang things up if needed.


            Director will be responsible for keys to: dorm, kitchen, nurse's station, etc. All keys need to be returned before leaving. All buildings will be locked by 10:00 pm; this includes the Dining Hall.


            On the last day of your stay we ask you to help out volunteers to get the dorms ready for the next camp.  One of our volunteers will walk through the dorm with the team leader to check the facilities used.  At that time please let us know if anything needs to be fixed so that we can do so before the next camp comes in.


            Thank you for helping us keep Baptist Ridge Camp clean so that everyone may enjoy it.

  September 2021  
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