Camp Rules for Campers




The primary purpose of our camp is spiritual; to facilitate a daily awareness of God, faith in Him through Jesus Christ, and obedience to His purpose for each believer in His service as church members, ministers of the Gospel or missionaries.

The secondary purpose of our camp is to be safe and enjoyable.


1. Each camper must be sponsored by a church belonging to Fellowship Baptist Association or a church from other associations or groups using the camp.

2. Each camper must be within the grade level specified for the camp or event.

3. All campers will be permitted and expected to participate in all guided activities of the camp except those disallowed by the parent(s) or guardian(s) by written statement.

4. There MUST be a properly filled out registration form endorsed by parent(s) a guardian(s) for each camper.

5. Each camper will undergo a head lice inspection immediately upon arrival and the driver must remain until all of his/her campers have passed this inspection.

6. In keeping with a lifestyle consistent with Christian camping, use of tobacco in any form by campers or camp personnel is not permitted. The same is true of alcoholic beverages or drugs of any nature, and weapons or potentially harmful objects are not allowed. This includes knives, guns, fireworks, etc. Since the camp is designed for spiritual growth, it is considered inappropriate to engage in any indecent or ungodly activities, foul or profane language and immoral conduct.

7. In the spirit of Christ-likeness, everyone is expected to cooperate with the camp program. Those who choose not to cooperate or cause undue disturbances will be required to call parents or guardians notifying them to come and pick them up from camp. The expectation is that each camper and leader will conduct themselves in a manner displaying care and concern for each other, and pleasing to the Lord.

8. There are plenty of planned group activities. Do not bring radios, CD players, tape players, or electronic games. Items of this sort will be collected by the Camp Director and stored in a safe place until the end of camp then returned to the owner at the time of departure.

9. Those attending Baptist Ridge Camp will be expected to dress in modest clothing at all times in order to honor Christ and each other. Short shorts, jogging shorts, Tank tops and midriff shirts can draw inappropriate attention to the wearer rather than to Christ. Clothing that displays midriff flesh is unacceptable. Long style shorts and T-shirts will be allowed. Clothing will NOT be permitted that displays anything other than school, sport, or Christian messages or slogans. Swimsuits should be one piece for the ladies and no brief or bikini style for the gentlemen. Leaders and Staff personnel will consult about clothing deemed off-limits and campers may be asked to change into something more appropriate. The Camp Director may require that a T-shirt be worn over the swim suit in some cases. There shall be no bikini or other two-piece or overly revealing swimming suits allowed in or out of the pool, or anywhere else on the campgrounds.

10. Each Camper is responsible for his or her own property. The Association, Camp leaders and counselors (Cabin Leaders) are not responsible to look after your property. With that in mind, it is strongly recommended that you do not bring expensive clothing or personal articles to camp. Whatever you do bring, YOU are responsible to keep track of it and to remember to take it home with you after camp is over.

11. NO CELL PHONES. If you need to call home, use the office phone. Cell phones brought to camp will be turned in to the office and returned to the camper on the day of departure.

12. No non-permanent earrings will be worn by anyone in the swimming pool. Nose, belly button, eyebrow, or tongue rings etc. will not be worn at camp.

13. No one is to swim in the pool except at scheduled swim times and the Rules for use of the Swimming Pool will be strictly observed at all times.

14. Campers may not leave the dorms after curfew except with a staff escort for legitimate purposes. Each staffer will be responsible to enforce this with the Director or Leaders knowledge.

15. Absolutely no raiding or tricks are allowed, and under no circumstances are girls to be in the boy's dorms or boys in the girl's dorm - NO EXCEPTIONS!

16. There will be no public display of affection at camp (need an explanation? Ask the Camp Director).

17. All medications for those attending camp must be turned in to the Camp Nurse upon arrival at camp.

18. We cannot accept a camper who has been exposed to a contagious or infectious disease within the two weeks prior to camp.

19. Our camp is not geared to handle individuals with emotional or behavioral problems that would be disruptive to the overall purpose of our camp (stated above). Persons with physical disabilities that require special attention must be accompanied by a qualified caregiver provided by their family or church.

20. God has allowed us to have a wonderful camp. Each camper will be responsible for the care and upkeep of the campgrounds. Screens will not be removed from dorm windows and any damage or breakage to camp property must be reported to someone in authority immediately. Responsible campers will want to pay for any damage they may have caused.

21. The campground must be a safe and enjoyable place (outdoor recreation will be confined to designated areas). No running should take place inside the circle drive. Campers should be careful to watch out for each other.

22. Youth who drive their own cars will lock the car and turn the keys in to the Camp Director. Campers are not to spend free time in cars, listening to radio etc.

23. Campers and leaders should spend lots of time smiling and having fun as well as growing spiritually. Make camp time one of the most pleasant times you've had!

24. No leaving camp for extracurricular activities. This is disruptive to the continuity of teaching and ministry, creates unrest among other campers, and causes certain liability issues. Certain rare exceptions may be granted by the Camp Director if there is a written request by the parent/guardian prior to the beginning of camp, and no more than one incident.

25. By signing this camp registration, you are entering into an agreement with Fellowship Baptist Association and Baptist Ridge Camp. In signing this agreement, you know - and your pastor and parents know - that if you fail to use your good judgment and common sense in following the rules above, you will be dismissed from camp and returned home at your own or your parents' expense. Generally, your behavior should reflect these three basic things: 1) Be where you are supposed to be, when you are supposed to be there, doing what you are supposed to be doing; 2) Always be on time, always be flexible; 3) Have a good attitude and teachable spirit.